Sunday, July 17


I'm raising money to become a Hopeline volunteer for IMAlive. IMAlive is an online crisis network where people can chat if they're in crisis. Being a volunteer requires training and certification in crisis intervention, which is awesome because IMAlive is the first online network with 100% of volunteers trained. The goal is to provide crisis resources 24/7 (currently, chat is available eight hours a week).

Would you consider supporting me? Training and certification costs $250. Anything would be much appreciated. I'll send you many hugs and warm feelings. Also...

If you donate $5, I'll send you the panel of your choice from this comic, which I did on 5.5" x 4.25" postcards in ink. There's only five of them, though, so it's limited.

If you donate $10, I'll make a comic sketch for you, like these here. I'll draw you (or whoever you want) in whatever pose you want.

If you donate $15, I'll send you a portrait in pen similar to the ones above (top right corner, second row first column, and second row second column).

If you donate $20, I'll send you a portrait in pencil similar to the ones above (everything else).

The portraits are done on a 5.5" x 4.25" postcard. If you send me a picture of someone (or something), I will draw it for you. If not, I'll draw a random person. I can mail it to you as a postcard and write a nice thank you on it, or I can mail it to you as a blank postcard to send to someone else, or I can mail it to you as just a drawing (nothing on the back).

If you donate $30, I'll make a simple animated gif for you, like these here. Just tell me what you want animated.

E-mail me at smallasianproduction (a) gmail (dot) com if you donate, so I can get your information and thank you heartily. ;w;

Friday, December 24

And in the spring,

I shed my skin,
(and it blows away with the changing wind).

Thursday, December 16


For some reason, all of my attempts at being less depressing on this blog have all failed. Lol.

On the other hand, hooray! It's winter break! That's exciting. I got home yesterday and have basically slept and/or watched TV since then. Ah, the beauty of having nothing to do.

But alas! I do have stuff to do. A lot of things!

1. Start drawing again.
2. Rig and animate my character.
3. Make clothes for my character.
4. Sew stuff in real life.
5. Be social.
a. go watch Tron: Legacy with people!
b. go watch Black Swan with people!
c. go watch Tangled with people!
d. bake stuff with people!
6. Program stuff.
7. Make bio animations.
8. Search and apply for internships.
9. Make up my sleep debt.

I haven't sketched in quite a while. Maybe that's why the last half of this semester was overwhelming.

I just realized, I haven't done contour drawings in a while.

Saturday, November 27

Sunday, November 21



a lot of stuff on my mind.

Wednesday, November 17

Tuesday, November 16

Monday, September 6


was extremely amazing.

This summer was fabulous. The people there are extraordinary. I guess that's the secret to their success!

I've come away from my experience with many questions. What do I want to do with my life? What career should I go into? How do I get into Pixar again?!

The one thing I do know, however, is this:
No matter what I do or where I work, I want to be surrounded by people like the ones I met this summer.


Monday, May 10

don’t be yourself -

be someone a little nicer.
the second neurotic's notebook, mignon mclaughlin

Tuesday, May 4